The 10th Gate

SELECTIONS: Spiritual Destiny, Crystals and the Higher Realms, Principles of Time, Capricornus.


How will you consciously enforce the plan of the Universe in your life and responsibly seize opportunities for spiritual advancement? The Midheaven is the most elevated point in a Natus. It is the pinnacle of Capricorn’s’ mountain - the ultimate achievement of desires and worldly designs in mundane astrology. Yet the Soul has a goal as well and it is removed from the accomplishment of worldly acclamation. What is this path and how is it defined? Look at the sign occupying the 10thHouse Cusp demarcating the Midheaven in your chart for the answer. Also consider any intercepted sign in the 10th House for additional information.

~ARIES On The Midheaven~

This is a house of exaltation for the sign of Aries, the Alpha sign. It is a place of power for the individual who houses this 10th House energy. Yet within its initiating essence and striving for power in mundane reality, the Soul desires to promote human values over material ambition. What is honorable shapes human destiny. Wrongdoings will be exposed and reversals of fortune and reputation will be evident when the Soul’s path is not being followed. The path may be lonely, as both the human and spiritual essences need to function with autonomy. The individual knows on the inner most levels that the ultimate goal can only be reached by the Self with no assistance but rather with cooperation. Discriminating awareness is the blessing of the Arien essence concerning the destiny path. This essence has evolved elementally from the mutable of waters of Pisces to the cardinal fires of Arien initiation. Emotional impressionability has transitioned to assertive expression of “being.” Receptivity to impressions remains but is redirected energetically out into the world. Creatively, this Soul must avoid falling back on the old patterns that were successful in lives past because they simply are not suitable this time for further growth. Once this awareness has been recognized, fulfillment of Destiny and Collective Contribution can be realized. This is the lifetime to create the new. 

~TAURUS On The Midheaven~

In the mundane chart, this placement seeks outward displays of status and power but the spiritual ambition of those with Taurus on the Midheaven is in actuality a highly alchemical process which results in a unique expression. The Soul is cognizant of the fact that it is a part of Divine Creation so the spiritual essence must be raised in consciousness to become aligned with Universal Law which demands that the “whole” be served instead of the “Self.” Evolving further and elementally from the fire of Aries, this essence undergoes a shift in awareness from both mundane and spiritual glamour and grows into a deeper understanding Collective Unity. Here is where the wisdom lies and benevolence for the world ensues. A condition of this path is drawn for the Scorpionic polarity which demands an exploration into the nether regions of birth, life and death and security is gleaned from that knowledge and understanding which cannot be found in the materialism of the mundane. Loss of happiness associated with possessions and loss of comfort from “status” will become apparent when the path of the Soul is not followed. For the alchemy to take place, the ego consciousness must grasp the difference between personal human desire and Divine Will which reveals itself through the Collective Mind. The result is inspiring and the Soul essence will carry the individual to unique expression of final alchemical Unity and a new recognition of the true nature of all things.

~GEMINI On The Midheaven~

The Mercurial theme of duality is prominent, as the Soul Path of contemplative design must be distinguished from the mundane path of mental activity aimed at achievement of goals. Difficult to resist, the Gemini energy easily influences others through use of dialog and logic that sparkles like diamonds. Yet these dissertations fall short on the Soul level because they are devoid of feeling and concern for the values and thoughts of others. Those who are coerced by the literal glamour and glitz of verbal diatribe find out that diamonds also cut. The mundane Gemini path can be strewn with victims which eventually becomes the work of the Soul who must “clean up the act” when enlightenment throws the spotlight on a veritable human mess that has occurred due to constant changes of direction. The essence has a duty to evolve from Taurian groundedness and fixed perception to a new objectivity based on appreciation of the value of change rather than a flippant ride on the merry-go-round of testing. Within the process oriented choices, the Soul at one point connects with the Divine through recognition and understanding of personal karma which draws the essence into higher consciousness and Collective Unity. “I think therefore I am BUT so are they” is the result. When the Soul Path is avoided or neglected, those with this placement will be scheming, selfish, cold and dishonest in an effort to get what they want because ambition has taken precedence over principle. This is when the Gemini brilliance fades to a flicker.

~CANCER On The Midheaven~

Conscious awareness is the concern of the Soul direction when Cancer signifies the path of spiritual destiny. Each life experience offers greater self awareness as each obstacle is surmounted. In the watery domain the truth seeps in and finds it own level as the inner “being” is brought to knowledge and then to wisdom. Trusting personal discernment and intuition is key as each tide turns. The spirit must be in flow and flux but it also must create that flow and learn to navigate the flux. The essence of Cardinal Cancer is moving out of the elemental airy fixations of Gemini. The spirit quickly learns that it cannot be “still” in the water – it must move. The mind and body pour their essence into activities but the spirit guided by the Soul is using its capacity to respond. Yet, if there is too much “suiting” to circumstances, the creative flow is lost. Cognizance of “change” should be engaged when it is a choice based upon personal judgment. It is important that human awareness of individuality be respected and appreciated in both the self and others. Consideration is the theme of this Soul Path and destiny. When the path is not followed, frustration need for approval and unhealthy attachments occur. On the mundane level, issues regarding direction in life will elicit heightened feelings and emotions that are too easily exposed and not likely to be fruitful. On the Collective level there is sensitivity to the moods of the public and some capacity to sway the feelings of the masses.

~LEO On The Midheaven~

The nobility of the Soul is the cause and effect here. The conscious consideration is the will to succeed that is fixed upon an outcome. The spiritual outlook, is to use self awareness alchemically and to step out of the ego in order to accomplish creation and manifestation of Divine Will that will serve as legacy to be carried forward to future lives. This is the signature of a true spiritual leader focused on fulfillment of destiny. This is a sensitive and generous posit tied to cosmic law that all is one with creation yet there exists a strong emphasis on individual “being.” The individual can give generously with no expectation of reciprocity. Its essence has developed from the Cardinal Cancerian waters of flow and flux to the Fixed Fire of pure will. The result is a strong moral sense that abhors anything demeaning to dignity and respectability. It is not an easy transition yet where this psychic change is concerned, the Leonine essence has a firm grasp on the concept of timing and uses its innate intuition as a tool. When the energetics are off kilter, hypersensitivity, excessive love of power, undignified dictatorial attitudes and unscrupulous behaviors derail the quest. This essence must guard against perfection for perfection’s sake which can lead to excessive much public scrutiny and dismissal. The results can be humanly devastating as fall from position and disgrace can ensue. This is spiritual path of destiny definitively tied to being the master of one’s own fate as a significant power within the unity of all that exists.

~VIRGO On The Midheaven~

A Soul of service with a revealing spirit is the essence of Virgo on the Midheaven. For all Virgos, life can be a paradox – principles often shaped by changeability and impeccability and exactness undone by self critique. Direct simplicity is a blessing to this Soul when it can overcome the propensity for multiple shifts of viewpoint. In the mundane chart, this is the individual who can require less to get on with life yet the spiritual path requires that the individual also be able to serve unselfishly as a guide for others. Coming from the elemental Fixed Fire of Leo and transversing into the elemental Mutable Earth, an attitude of smugness laced with a desire for self satisfaction based in fear of lack can derail the quest for service, for this is not a “take care of my needs first” lifetime which too much analysis can foster. The battle between the inner light of consciousness and the analytical conscious mind can only be settled through soul activity which is “other” oriented. Enlightenment in the form of discovering true knowledge of the inner self in relation to the divine infinite is the goal of all souls but is most profound with the Virgo posit. Along with its Piscean polarity, spiritually, the Virgo Midheaven represents a true servant of God whose creative consciousness is in tune with the Universal Mind. When spiritual destiny is being ignored, ill fated partnerships that bring about instability, unkept agreements, lack of truth, poor communication and loss will occur.

~LIBRA On The Midheaven~

In the mundane chart, this is the posit of social ambition prompted by strategic behavior and fostered by charm and wit however, the spiritual path is one of collective social consciousness, cooperation and the desire to heal and help. In many ways it is the posit of a “natural counselor” who “inspires.” Inner knowledge is expressed equitably and gently often creating an environment of consideration, respect and caring. The spiritual path requires adaptability and perceptive awareness of encounters and situations in order to curb any impressionability which is a Venusian manifestation courtesy of its higher octave Neptune. Libra is the sign of balance and the transition from the Mutable elemental Earth of Virgo to active Cardinal Air means the intellect and the intuition must meld to keep equipoise. Too much reliance on the intellect means convenience based acquiescence with regards to others; too much reliance on the intuition fosters sympathetic indulgence which is not true compassion. This is the position of “choices” yet when the individual is detoured from the spiritual path, they somehow amazingly find the way back as self awareness is developed. When the spiritual direction is ignored, accusations of insincerity can lead to mistrust by others.

~SCORPIO On The Midheaven~

The willpower is highly developed in the Soul with this posit. Farsighted, often clairvoyant and prophetic the Soul walks a spiritual path of adeptness. In the mundane chart, this can be the posit of true leadership but the spiritual path dictates that power and all of its human ramifications be used to reform and rehabilitate for Scorpionic power which is Plutonic in nature is projected outward to the world. This Soul recognizes its omnipotence but also knows that in the light of Collective essence it is still in its infancy. The human side of the Scorpio Midheaven knows the value of ambition but the spirit understands the basic truth of the human condition. The human side strives for transition but the spirit strives for transformation. Evolving from the Cardinal Air essence of the Libran high ground of intellectuality, the Fixed Water essence of Scorpio knows that self awareness can only come from plunging into the depths of extreme positives and negatives and facilitating change on all levels. They will transverse the muck and mire of the most hidden parts of the psyche in order to understand first their own consciousness and then the Collective Consciousness in order to transmute the suffering of both themselves and others. When the path of spiritual destiny is not being followed, human tendencies to dictate, manipulate and oppress will result in crisis upon crisis leading to alienation and possible illicit activities.

~SAGITTARIUS On The Midheaven~

The dignity of the Soul is on the line with this placement. In the mundane chart, the concern is with honesty, ethics and benevolence but, not only does the individual aspire to becoming a “pillar of society” he/she must more importantly reflect propriety of spirit in order to fulfill Collective destiny. This is the sign of vision. The intuition leads the nature to the future and what must be accomplished to acquire enlightenment. The “truth” is always a matter of utmost importance and within the temple of Self this is the only voice that is heard. The spiritual essence is transitioning from the elemental Fixed Scorpionic waters to Mutable Fire moving on from transformation to aspiration filling each void from lower to higher. This is the posit that carries the seed of the Collective Law of the Universe along with compassion and generosity for the world at large. Growth comes via each generous act along the way with no focus on “outcome.” The Soul takes its direction from understanding while utilizing action geared at service in “the moment” for through unlimited vision, the “truth” reveals everything is impermanent. Experience alone is considered real wealth as soon as the identification with material “things” is overcome. Loving wisdom is the result. When the path of destiny becomes derailed, hypocrisy and vainglory can lead to ruinous disgrace. In some cases the higher quest for truth will result in neglect and loss of intimate relations with friends and family because the loftier focus has become all important causing lack of equipoise in personal matters.

~CAPRICORN On The Midheaven~

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th House and in the mundane chart, ambition rules the day. The human side of this posit is concerned with attainment of authority but the spiritual destiny requires moral integrity. As Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn and the 10th House, issues concerning Karma and accruing negative Karma can come from lack of principles. This is considered a grievous infraction of Universal Law. The spiritual essence has transitioned from the Sagittarian Mutable Fire of visionary truth to the Fixed Cardinal elemental which uses that vision to manifest good in a workable way on the physical plane. The Soul knows that what is accomplished from intelligent activity on the physical plane is also carried over to the spiritual realm and is “banked” throughout the current lifetime and for all other incarnations to come. There is much spiritual and emotional depth here although it may not show and can easily be denied. Yet is there being utilized on the many levels of Self. The spiritual path demands that the individual discover and embrace the role of servant to humanity. Whatever is manifested physically in life as productive outcome should, in some way, however grand or small serve the Collective Generation. When the path of spiritual destiny is being ignored, there will be a tendency to treat others as “objects” leading to actual abuse and the accruing of negative Karma. Hunger for power will result in difficult and unfavorable circumstances and disappointments. The mountain will be climbed with obstacles to overcome but it cannot be surmounted stepping on the backs of those who have been caused unnecessary suffering and cruelty in the name of ambition.

~AQUARIUS On The Midheaven~

When Aquarius occupies the 10th Hose cusp, Uranian innovation infuses technique leading to unique contribution to society. The Spiritual Path espouses the birthright to contribute something progressively original to the Collective generation. Ideals, ideas and insights are channeled into concrete manifestation. On the human level, a good deal of discontent can be expressed when there is inner disagreement about the state of the world. Much cause and effect can ensue as each bridge built is torn down and rebuilt into something better. There is an inborn need and desire to benefit “the many” that is not evident in the other sign placements who learn it through the trials and errors of life. Prioritizing the input of knowledge is key for this path. So, the work becomes the mastery of awareness followed by willingness to resist judging too quickly and discarding what may be not only pertinent but may also house future potential. The spiritual essence has transitioned from the elemental Cardinal Earth of Capricorn to the Airy Fixed elemental which requires tactical effective action to develop what is perceived. Awareness comes first from contact with the world which further stretches and develops the mind and then from the ensuing flashes of intuition fostered by such experiences. This is an ongoing process throughout life. When the Path of Spiritual Destiny is being ignored, too much strong will leads to difficulties in getting along with others and loss of cooperation. There are also problems with authority figures. Sudden rises to “fame” followed by devastating fall and possible obscurity are also possible.

~PISCES On The Midheaven~

The OMEGA sign tends to inconstancy mainly because the ego consciousness is synonymous with all that is instinctual. In the mundane chart, this tends to be the posit of many faces ranging from public adoration to Christ-like redeemer to scandalous cur. Yet despite this, the Neptunian influences imbuing this sign tend to be the greatest Soul teachers. In the mundane chart, this posit indicates one who learns about the “Self” via psychic information. This is the sign of compassionate awareness of both the Self and others. Yet the Soul requires an awareness of polarities be developed which will drive its human vehicle through the muck and mire of negativity in order for the spiritual mindset to achieve clarity. The spiritual essence has transitioned from the elemental Fixed Air of Aquarius to the elemental Mutable Waters of Pisces – the Omega process which is the foundation of the new beginning of the Alpha sign Aries … intellect to clairvoyance to perception. The Spiritual Path of Destiny does not require calm waters but rather turbulent ones bringing the sacrifice of Self achieved through life experiences, to a rebirth of new compassion where the will can be mobilized directing personal power into the service of mankind bringing enlightenment to others. When the Spiritual Path of Destiny is ignored impracticality concerning the mundane path and its responsibilities, scandal, dishonesty and loss of reputation can occur. The Soul truly suffers from the lack of honor and the breaking of Universal Law.